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Welcome Me!


Hi readers! Thanks for the little stop!

I’m a jewelry designer and a to-be gemologist, who is starting this new blog. If I choose to embed my blog in my upcoming jewelry site (EXCITED), I would not be able to do so with my previous blog host, which explains why the move here. WordPress is probably the more complicating blog site I’ve dealt with, but also very advantageous. Anyways, I’m kind of happy to kick off the old blog anyways because I did not have a focus. I’m learning. Now, I totally have a goal and will be more polished.

Ok, so why blog?
I admire various artists and always have a desire to learn more about them– how they accomplished a certain design, what struggles came about, their style, what interests them, opinions they have, daily events in their life…you get the picture. Before this blog mania arose, it was difficult to get personal with artists/designers. So, I’m here to get personal. I get disconnected once in a while when I’m in the work zone and have my A-game on. Yes, that totally sucks and I apologize. But I’m hoping to reconnect with all friends and new readers by keeping all of you updated with my daily affairs, new collections, inspirations, styles I aspire, and other topics related though this lovely blog.

I still need to do tons of editing on the sidebars and such. That will take FO-EVA!
So, stay tune for blog site updates, collection information, website announcement, and many more!

WELCOME and I hope you enjoy!

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