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Website In Progress


To keep things moving and for incentive reasons, I registered for a domain and webhost. I was trying to brainstorm a very simple, yet creative way to design the website. Since it’s my first official site, I think I won’t be playing with any fancy macroflash and such, but who knows what will change now or later in the future.

I love mixed media art, collages, and other montage related work. I wanted the site to have a bit of that feel. So for my two collections, Come Walk With Me and Weekend Warrior, I have a little montage I’ve created as an introduction. Here are the images:

With help from the boyfriend, who has taught me a few shortcuts and why photoshop isn’t so overwhelming at all, we created this little image. So, at the homepage of the site there will be a tab titled “Collection”, which leads you to this image:

When on that page, you will be able to click on either collection names, leading you to the jewelry and its introduction I had just showed you.

Maybe a few works here and there still need to be done, but what do you think so far? I suppose it is not your typical jewelry site. However, I won’t be creating your typical jewelry. I still have to take pictures of the jewelry, meet up with friends for the lookbook, settle on a homepage layout/look, and ummmm  FINISH THE JEWELRY! Well, it’s nearly done for the most part. I just need to add my tags for the finishing touch and finish a few more pieces for Weekend Warrior. I also still need to complete  a piece from the CWWM collection, but not too much pressure from there since it’s an ongoing collection where items can be added anytime. When a new piece is added, I’ll announce it to everyone here (and the official website).

KK, gotta go back and do my homework. Next time, I’ll share you the inside scoop on my Gem I.D. class. I get so many, “What the HECK is GEMOLOGY?!” har har har… or perhaps other things more exciting

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  1. Ha Lam permalink
    07/14/2009 9:01 pm

    Hi Marida!

    I’m really excited with this newly launch “Daily Marida”. “Weekend Warrior” makes a strong impression on me with its composition and coloring theme. When I look at the picture I feel senses of festivity, joyous, recognition, fulfillness, etc. I like the idea of the “Come walk with me” collection as well as the picture that you’ve created to represent it. I do feel a sense of closeness and warmness that the picture trying to deliver. The meanings of the elements in the picture also really tie up and keep the consistency of the theme really well. The collection page itself is pretty creative way to get to post linked images to your subcollection. All looking like good starts=D!

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