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Working It…Kind of.


I was working on the harness the other day. I planned on making one that is pretty, light, and eye-catching. I’m in LOVE with it. The back is also beautiful, but I am saving that until my website is launch. This is just a small sneak peek for Weekend Warrior. This would totally look gorgeous over a fitted tank/shirt and dresses. Worn dressed up or down, doesn’t matter. The great thing about this is that you can be creative and wear it as a necklace in many ways.

Just a note: there are few pieces from WW that can be worn in various ways. I’ll have a topic about the versatile styles a jewelry piece has.

Complete 'In The Works'Complete 'Shield Me From Eros'
I wish I had better pictures but I didn’t exactly plan on taking ones for the blog. Later, I decided to just share it because I’m totally smitten.

I had a To-Do list today where only two tasks were checked off. Unsuccessful day, but I did go off tangent from that list and created my two last harnesses for the WW collection. I’ll handle the list tomorrow.

Complete 'To-Do List'

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