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Is It Time To Put Up My Hammock?


I’ve been pretty lazy the past few days. Maybe the thoughts of finals have left me wanting to use my time to find a good hole to stay in and hibernate until September comes. Maybe it’s my to-do list that continues to expand with unfinished task. Maybe the root beer really does suck the life out of me. Whatever it is is causing my behavior to be idle and now I want lay on a hammock and watch ‘The Office’ or old movies all day and night. But I can’t escape reality.

Here are the top three priorities from my godforsaken, perpetual to-do list:

1. Add all metal tags to necklaces and bracelets

2. Take photos of the jewelry


I usually find most of the jewelry related duties quite fun and exciting but I think my lethargic state has certainly gotten to me.

Nevertheless, I’m stoked to have a few custom orders. One being the harness I showed a few days ago but with Carnelian gems instead of grey agates. Carnelians are reddish orange to yellowish orange colors. The uneven color of the gem makes it totally unique and fun. Also, I finished a few Lapis earrings for WW collection. Yeayuh!

As for now, I think I’ll just keep musing on white, lacy stockings:

I should go to Target to acquire a pair of these pretty things.

pc: cobrasnake

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