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Boutique Excursion


Yesterday I went to West LA for a little boutique research. I hitted up all different types of boutiques and basically see if my jewelry will suit their customers. I tried to study what area the shop was at, the type of customers that shop there, what makes them different from other boutiques, their price range, the type of items they hold, and what I can offer them. I was pretty exhausted due to the endless roaming around LA by foot. Even though it was physically tiresome for my out-of-shape body, I had a lot of fun. I lived in LA for 5 years as an undergraduate and I thought I drove everywhere back in those days. However, I discovered some sweet new spots that I had never uncovered previously. I love it when I visit local scenes that seriously adds character to the city.

Anywho, I took a looksy in over 10 boutiques. There are a few I will definitely contact and some where I feel possibly in 1 to 3 years will be a better time with them. I was not able to visit ALL the shops I had planned but that just means another fun trip. Or I’ll stick with my online research with them. overall, a successful day.

I wanted to share a few highlights of the day:

– We were able to make time in the late morning to eat at Urth Cafe. Urth Cafe= success, as always! I can close my eyes and order whatever because I know I’ll love it anyways.

– I am truly an admirer of Arielle de Pinto’s jewelry from the first time I read about her on some website . SERIOUSLY. When I went by to Creatures of Comfort, I was just completely overjoyed to see her jewelry live and in my hands! I kept telling Reggie, my dear bf, how excited I was. I tried on a few pieces and it just made me MORE in love with her work. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE the feel of her jewelry–it is so soft and flexible but sturdy. Also, how it just hangs on your wrist or neck is absolutely beautiful! I am not way too keen on the pieces that were collaborated with Anntian. But her own jewelry collection is magnificent! I am VERY disappointed that I forgotten my phone in the car and couldn’t sneak in a little picture to share my excitement with you guys. BOO!

-Finally went to LACMA in the evening to see the popular lamppost installation, Urban Light, by Christ Burden.

Urban Light

-Also had a huge, delish dinner at The Stinking Rose. The clams, garlic bread, and encrusted garlic baby back ribs were heavenly! Each table had its own canopy, which set off a very private and romantic feel. It certainly met up to all the highly approved raves people had given it.

That is all the catch up I can do for now!

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