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I’ve been working on my jewelry photos with the EZ Cube. The cube is just a box made up of translucent nylon. It’s great because it easy fairly simple to play with both soft and hard lighting. Many products can be used with the cube. For jewelry, all you need is a fishing line or a beading string, which I used, you can easily take some quick, great pictures. I actually have 2 light set up but more can be used. Unlike the photo below, I usually have the light shine through the side of the cube to get a diffused lighting, which has a soft effect. Large EZ Cube

With a little photoshop to clear background blemishes, I can get a great photo of the jewelry piece. I have yet to solve that unwelcome, wrinkle issue. Mylar is suggested but I think an improvisation must be played with. Here is a sample picture:

lapis earrings

What do you think?

Now I am totally feeling time crunched with the website and package production! Twilight has been a pleasant, but unnecessary,  distraction. I wish the earth rotates slower so I can have time for both, worried free.

My friend is coming down to help model the jewelry on the last weekend of August. I should plan out outfits ASAP, which I will share later. Also, all that other details must be discussed, such as location, goal, makeup, nails, hair, etc. Another friend will be my photographer. But anyone who wants to join in the fun shooting pics can talk to me. =)

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