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I am a Gemologist! =)


Sorry, I’ve been away. I wish I can say I’ve been gone because the website has kept me extra busy. But that would be a little fib. Actually, because I’ll be gone for 3 weeks for Cambodia and Vietnam, I had to renovate the house, clean up for 8 guests visiting coming week, render a few custom made piece to be completed, and study for a final in Carlsbad. Great news, folks! I passed this 6 hour exam in 2.5 hours and I am now a Gemologist! WOOOOOOOOOT! I was so happy to have passed the first try because I seriously didn’t want to drive to Carlsbad again. The campus was gorgeous and the scenery was serene. However, driving there for lab classes and an intense exam, was no fun! No more school! I can now solely focus on my work, which I’m so happy about.

Despite all of this distraction from my jewelry, I did manage to come together with 2 former roommates to work on a small photoshoot.

Outfit LayoutNostalgia photoshoot

As I drove up to LA to meet the lovely ladies, I realized I had forgotten an outfit at home. Panicking, Regg and I sped to 3rd Street Promenade for a quick buy. We met up an hour later than planned and took slightly too long to get ready due to our love for the TV Show, ‘Friends’. We planned to go to UCLA (what a nostalgic walk it was) for the shoot, since several location we would have love to work at came along with LA traffic. A lot was done considering the amount of jewelry we had to shoot and the time constraint. Sadly, a few pieces weren’t able to be featured in the shoot. I’d love to thank my sweet friends, Ha and Uyen, and the supportive boyfriend! You guys are wonderful and I greatly appreciated the time!

I had hoped to have the photos up on site by the time I leave for Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, I have to say the outlook is slim. With the 8 guests AND working on lots of custom fine jewelry pieces. Some of these pieces, will be on the site. I’m definitely ecstatic for this. My mom, long time jeweler, has helped me planned for this. She can be tough one. Mother love does come in so many forms. One of my favorite design from my parents, which I’ve adored for years, is this Colombian emerald pendent with diamond accent. The emerald is breathtaking in person. It is this piece that confirmed my love for the gem. However, this pendant is not for sale. Luckily enough, we own another emerald with this cut and decided to create a bangle. The bottom image is just a quick rendering (without color, yes not so exciting) of the bangle to jot the idea down. Emerald Pendant

I’ve also worked on serveral other rendering for other pieces to be made by mid October. With focus on gems such as rubies, sapphires, amethyst, emerald. Jewelry Rendering

It’s overwhelming when I am working on something specific but cannot finish it due to unexpected responsibilities. Exciting as it can be, it’s still frustrating to have a pile of unfinished duties. But there is no room for complaints when I’m off in a houseboat to Mojave Lakes for Labor Day Weekend. I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend!

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