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Current Rants and Channels


currently channeling: foggy lullaby

I am never really one to be super emo or pessimistic, nor spill my guts out publicly. I suppose I am in the mood to vaguely vociferate. Anyhow, the cup has always been half full to me. Unfortunately, I’ve made a temporary 180 turn and it’s been difficult to make this U-turn back (and yes, I believe it’s only temporary– optimism sneaking through, I hope?). I’ve been going through chains of distressing events ceaselessly, which have been pushing me to believe that obedience has no rewards. Because of this, I’ve been acquainted with rebellious actions and responses. I try to keep this tactless behavior to only the people who deserves it. But in all honesty, I don’t think anyone deserves it. I’ve just been handling this locked door to my happiness the wrong way. I have remained reclusive and  just clearing the crap out of my head since months. Being M.I.A. sucks, which I apologize for. But not able to successfully tackle this issue down, where everyone –mainly, the ones that are directly affected- is at least accepting of it, sucks even more. After this weekend, the light is more clear and I think patience and an honest, diplomatic voice will be my ticket way out. I knew this all along but I suppose I never had the opportunity to speak or when I did, I get an immature, selfish response. I constantly wait with my coffee for an ounce of sensibility and acceptance, an unlikely arrival. I realize the fight will not end unless someone ends it. I shall force an opportunity and form methodical resolution. This sounds so artificial, ha! You just have to handle certain people or situations accordingly. Ignorance is darn annoying to deal with. Quit thinking it’s blissful!

Anyways, enough of this abstract, dejected rants and onto some cooler things and current inspiration outlet:

Nick van Woert

Craig Damrauer

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