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Unwrap to These…


It’s Christmas time! A time where it’s impossible to beat the crowd in the mall, where you spend an hour hunting for a parking spot, find items in the shops being tossed and thrown everywhere, and 30 minutes of waiting in line is not a surprise. I am a last minute shopper, too. I always hope people do not procrastinate and get everything on Black Friday. It’s a false hope I give myself to feel better and more motivated to drive to the department stores. Do you not want to go through this? I sure didn’t! Not this year.

Not to mention, I also think it’s better to have more thought and love in a gift. So, I’ve decided to create a few jewelry pieces for a few special people. I hope they see the love I put in it. Inspired by ornaments, I hand forged a few circles and pear shapes, added a thick texture at the end of it, and selected gems for each person. I hope they love it!

Are you late on gifts like me? Well, I can save you from your headaches and stress. I’m here to announce that you can also beat the animal scene in the malls and just talk to me. We both can custom a piece for your mom, grandma, sister, wife, girlfriends, or whomever you’d like to give it to. We can talk about gems/colors, if you’d like sterling silver of 14K gold-filled (5% gold), how to pay, shipping, and working around a budget. You get the drift. Once completed, the gift will be wrapped and ready to go. A note on shipping cost: it is FREE until December 27th!! Oh, if anything in the gallery pulls any interest to you, ask away!

Don’t be shy! You can email ( here/facebook/twitter/ call. I will reply ASAP.

Here is my eco-friendly packaging. You won’t need to spend money on a Christmas card, too. The package comes with a handmade card made of pretty recycled paper, which is tied by either a ribbon or twine onto the box (also made up of recycled materials).

Hope everyone is having a wonderful winter and holiday! Stay warm and healthy.

P.S. Sorry for the hazy pictures. I need to wipe the lens. Also, sorry for the glary pictures. I need to not get lazy with lighting. Or, maybe I need a new professional camera. hint hint. ;D

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