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Hi, I’m Marida, a jewelry designer and an in-the-works gemologist.

I’m an admirer of everything that style, design, art encompasses and love to immerse myself in various cultures and cities. Creatively and culturally inspired, I use this drive to create jewelry that strives to express individuality and confidence. Using a myriad of materials, such as silver, leather, gold-filled, silk, semi-precious/precious gems, my designs capture uniqueness, charm, and surprise. In various collections, I also like to add a few pieces that can be worn differently than your average jewelry. Thus, every piece challenges the way a material and gem can be used or seen.  I enjoy stepping a bit out of the ordinary, to create bold designs of self-expression. With this, a story can be found with every versatile, well-crafted piece.

I realized how much I love to get to know various artists and desginers in a more personal level. Therfore, I am writing this blog to simply get more personal. I plan to share behind the scene actions, announcement, inspiration, styles/fashion I aspire, and much more. I like to share me appreciation for visiting my blog and taking another step to read my profile. Enjoy!

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