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A Dash of Saccharin In Life


Playlist Channel: Tunes of the Golden Ray

I’ve been crushing over lace, enormous bows, and hearts. Bows and hearts are absolutely rare obsessions for me. I have never been too keen about it. However, now I have this sudden high affinity for these three things. I don’t think its because of the nearby Valentine air, but maybe due to a heart piece created after getting lost in Erika Somogyi‘s visually stimulating world. A sprinkle of the little trinket has open an enormous crave of all things saccharine.

A few fave of Somogyi‘s posted here. She needs to have an exhibit in SoCal pronto!

Besides all the sappiness here, I’ve been working on a few things to start up the online shop. The webmaster and I are shooting for this end of January to make it happen. Totally excited.

Also, stay tune, not only for the site launch, but also for a giveaway contest! More details on that soon! Fun, fun stuffff.

Speaking of fun, I came across the TV show, ‘Better Off Ted’, and it is heeee-lar-reee-us! Every scene cracks me up. Tons of quotes worthy of repeating. Seriously, I don’t know why it isn’t any more popular. Go watch it!

Another thing, I wish I had a place to fill it up with some kitchen and dining goods like these:

From Anthropologie‘s Fable Beastie, Sky Map kitchen collection. Their critter coasters are darn cute too.


Excited for 2010


Under pressure, which is when I work best but what I wish didn’t exist.

Lots of due dates arriving this January. This pretty much sums up what new stuff is making way this January:

Despite the pressure and time-crunch mess, I’m quite excited for 2010. I love a fresh start.

After February, I often forget what resolutions I made. Carelessness creeps up and I never mind it. Yes, I do hope all that changes so I can really be healthy, organized, efficient, and whatnot. But mainly, I hope to focus on the good people in my life, be as patient as I remembered I used to be, and be attentive to the positive things that surrounds me. Totally sound like I’m from the self-improvement section but I really have to remember those three little things.

Optimism injected, reset button pushed, and ready mode resumed.

Happy New Year! Have fun and be safe!

inspiration: casey jex smith

Happy Holidays!


Have a fun and safe holiday!

In love with Michelle Blade.

Unwrap to These…


It’s Christmas time! A time where it’s impossible to beat the crowd in the mall, where you spend an hour hunting for a parking spot, find items in the shops being tossed and thrown everywhere, and 30 minutes of waiting in line is not a surprise. I am a last minute shopper, too. I always hope people do not procrastinate and get everything on Black Friday. It’s a false hope I give myself to feel better and more motivated to drive to the department stores. Do you not want to go through this? I sure didn’t! Not this year.

Not to mention, I also think it’s better to have more thought and love in a gift. So, I’ve decided to create a few jewelry pieces for a few special people. I hope they see the love I put in it. Inspired by ornaments, I hand forged a few circles and pear shapes, added a thick texture at the end of it, and selected gems for each person. I hope they love it!

Are you late on gifts like me? Well, I can save you from your headaches and stress. I’m here to announce that you can also beat the animal scene in the malls and just talk to me. We both can custom a piece for your mom, grandma, sister, wife, girlfriends, or whomever you’d like to give it to. We can talk about gems/colors, if you’d like sterling silver of 14K gold-filled (5% gold), how to pay, shipping, and working around a budget. You get the drift. Once completed, the gift will be wrapped and ready to go. A note on shipping cost: it is FREE until December 27th!! Oh, if anything in the gallery pulls any interest to you, ask away!

Don’t be shy! You can email ( here/facebook/twitter/ call. I will reply ASAP.

Here is my eco-friendly packaging. You won’t need to spend money on a Christmas card, too. The package comes with a handmade card made of pretty recycled paper, which is tied by either a ribbon or twine onto the box (also made up of recycled materials).

Hope everyone is having a wonderful winter and holiday! Stay warm and healthy.

P.S. Sorry for the hazy pictures. I need to wipe the lens. Also, sorry for the glary pictures. I need to not get lazy with lighting. Or, maybe I need a new professional camera. hint hint. ;D

The Word on the Street: Marida Jewelry sold at Tullémoss!


This holiday you can find my collection at Tullémoss!! It’s an adorable boutique with awesome finds and great quality! I’m happy to be part of the chic store. Items found in the gallery are available and other special pieces that I will not be handcrafting again due to rarity of gem.

Also, become a fan of Tullémoss right here.

Make sure to stop by for my jewelry and other beautiful items sold there, such as edgy jackets, gorgeous dresses, and shoes! Tullémoss is most certainly a gem in Long Beach!


Top Two’s


A little late with the S2010RTW, but as always, better late than never. A few days ago, I finally had the time to survey through a couple of fave designers. Instead of sharing the insane shoes of McQueen or other unspeakably ostentatious wears of the season, I opt for more practical outfits going down the runway. Well, at least more practical in my terms. I’m in love with high-waisted anything, funky prints and textures, fun silhouettes, and even extreme minimal looks.

I am reminded by Rebecca Taylor and Chanel why I set my peepers on those pair of loafers last weekend. Often gearing towards darker garments, Chanel, playing both with light and dark, refreshed my eyes with all the white and beige standing before the haystacks. Here’s two eye-catching looks with a soft and subtle finish. And did I mention those ballerina lace stocking’s are darn cute?

Rebecca Taylor has always been a favorite of mines when it comes to femininity. However, this time she really upped her playfulness by mix and matching her prints, experimenting shorter lengths, and colors. Spring was totally screaming from first to last look. It was a tad difficult to choose which outfit I like most because I’d totally parade in all of them. I settled on the two outfits where I believe I can pull something similar out of my closet without any further bank-breaking purchases:

Mix and matching leopards and polka dots or  floral and polka dots can be difficult to pull off. Nevertheless, it CAN be done with stellar results.

Another designer entertaining us with the heavenly mix-and-match movement is Marc Jacobs, of course. Instead of completely ‘fanny-packing’ it this spring, I’d much rather carry a few belly weight in the result of one too many double-chocolate fudge cookies. With that said, the two looks here are  from his Marc collection, which was a loud, electric, Kool-Aid partaaaaay!

Now, let’s relax a little. Alexander Wang has gone All-American with khakis, leather, red-white-and-blue, and sweaters. Sprinkle in a bit of Wang to this American style, you’ll have a J.Crew store that survived C-4 explosives in the greatest way imaginable– transformed, spectacular basics. My fave two may not express the coolness of Wang the best way possible, but seriously, these shorts are too adorable (also, check out the shiny black ones) and the basic gray sweater with leather and cutout accents is just awesome. I’m head over heels with the interesting waistline cut, like these shorts are sporting, that flooded this runway show.

Phillip Lim also rejuvenated the basic wear. He’s quite genius. America can be lazy and constantly on this never ending time-crunched schedule, which may as well be Lim’s reason for introducing these machine-washable suits. Since I’m on a roll with pouring you high-waisted styles, here are another two superb, but more minimal, looks:

What are some of these looks missing? Baubles and jewels for the ears, neck, and wrists, of course! Adding a dash of colors to the muted colors of Chanel, more play on mix and matching florals/plaid/polka dots, and more fun to that perfect gray sweater dress or suit can completely add that personal touch. My take on the blooming season:

Lily x 3, Gwen

View more details on the new Gallery section on the top right corner of the blog.

Has the weekend began?

Good day, everyone!


Current Rants and Channels


currently channeling: foggy lullaby

I am never really one to be super emo or pessimistic, nor spill my guts out publicly. I suppose I am in the mood to vaguely vociferate. Anyhow, the cup has always been half full to me. Unfortunately, I’ve made a temporary 180 turn and it’s been difficult to make this U-turn back (and yes, I believe it’s only temporary– optimism sneaking through, I hope?). I’ve been going through chains of distressing events ceaselessly, which have been pushing me to believe that obedience has no rewards. Because of this, I’ve been acquainted with rebellious actions and responses. I try to keep this tactless behavior to only the people who deserves it. But in all honesty, I don’t think anyone deserves it. I’ve just been handling this locked door to my happiness the wrong way. I have remained reclusive and  just clearing the crap out of my head since months. Being M.I.A. sucks, which I apologize for. But not able to successfully tackle this issue down, where everyone –mainly, the ones that are directly affected- is at least accepting of it, sucks even more. After this weekend, the light is more clear and I think patience and an honest, diplomatic voice will be my ticket way out. I knew this all along but I suppose I never had the opportunity to speak or when I did, I get an immature, selfish response. I constantly wait with my coffee for an ounce of sensibility and acceptance, an unlikely arrival. I realize the fight will not end unless someone ends it. I shall force an opportunity and form methodical resolution. This sounds so artificial, ha! You just have to handle certain people or situations accordingly. Ignorance is darn annoying to deal with. Quit thinking it’s blissful!

Anyways, enough of this abstract, dejected rants and onto some cooler things and current inspiration outlet:

Nick van Woert

Craig Damrauer